About Kweekah

Mission: Help Parents to Raise a Sustainable Generation.

At Kweekah we believe that children become successful adults when they are happy about WHO they are, WHAT they do and THE WORLD they live in.

This holistic approach to youth development focus on raising an intellectually developed, emotionally intelligent and social environmentally conscious generation.

We believe the future work force will require individuals capable of collaborating, recognizing each other's abilities and strengths to solve complex issues. Even more, we believe that every individual has unique gifts and our role as educators is to motivate and enable them to develop these gifts to their potential.

So what is Kweekah.com?

Kweekah is a four dimensional environment created to engage, motivate and ignite the minds of young generation (k-12) toward Scientific, Technological and Social Innovation that addresses current world problems in sustainable ways. Kweekah’s four dimensions encompass a virtual, physical, hands on environment, delivering timed events for their enrichment. The focus of Kweekah is to provide a safe, fun, motivational and enriching environment to the minds and hearts of the young generation, so they can reach their potential academically, socially and emotionally, and become better citizens to our world.


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